XRP, not Bitcoin [BTC] is the top cryptocurrency in the market, says SBI Holdings’ CEO

A new war is set to take over the cryptocurrency realm, one that will feature two of the largest coins in the industry, Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP.

XRP maximalists have been pushing the coin as the foremost payment solution, causing massive ripples in the global coin market. Several proponents have backed the coin and have come out against other decentralized cryptocurrencies in the market, the latest being the CEO of Japan’s SBI Holdings, Yoshitaka Kitao.

Further, he questioned the long-term practical use of Bitcoin, primarily because of the price of the cryptocurrency. At press time, Bitcoin is priced at just over $3,900 after a market surge which has added over $10 billion to the collective market cap within the past 24 hours. Kitao stated that because of these reasons he sides with XRP.

Reference: https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-not-bitcoin-is-the-top-cryptocurrency-in-the-market-says-sbi-holdings-ceo/

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