XRP Ledger Is Getting More Decentralized And It’s Better Than Bitcoin

While XRP fights to remain relevant as one of the top-most cryptos in the market, the development team at Ripple is making efforts to improve the network’s functionality. David Schwartz is one of the people in the team that started work on the XRP Ledger, and he has a few facts to share about it.

In a recent interview with Joe Kaltz, David delved into the Ledger’s development over the last year. In his view, the XRP Ledger has become even more decentralized over the last one year, with the number of transaction validations handled by the parent company, Ripple, being reduced significantly to give more leeway for other independent operators.

Reference: https://zycrypto.com/david-schwartz-xrp-ledger-is-getting-more-decentralized-and-its-better-than-bitcoin/

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