XRP Is Integrated With E-Commerce Platform That Powers 3.3 Million Online Stores

XRP managed to achieve something great that will lead Ripple’s digital asset one more huge step towards mass adoption. If you recall, we were reporting just recently that Ripple’s XRP could be on its way to mainstream adoption sooner than expected. A Ripple-backed startup revealed their really bold plans regarding the mainstream crypto adoption.

Wietse Wind is planning to bring Ripple’s digital asset XRP to the forefront of e-commerce. The firm whose company XRPL Labs has received not too long ago tow-three years worth of funding from Ripple created a bounty and said that it would be going to the developer who manages to build a plugin that integrates XRP with WooCommerce.

Reference: https://oracletimes.com/mission-accomplished-xrp-is-integrated-with-e-commerce-platform-that-powers-3-3-million-online-stores/

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