XRP Community rejoices as Uphold Inc. waives withdrawal fee for XRP on their platform

The XRP community, arguably one of cryptoverse’s most active groups, was thrilled following a positive development for its promoted cryptocurrency.

Uphold Inc., a crypto financial services company, announced the elimination of withdrawal fees for XRP on its platform, on Twitter. The move to waive these fees was made after considering the XRP community’s feedback, the company reported.

Uphold, a cloud-based financial services platform launched in November 2014, enables users to move, hold, convert and transact cryptocurrencies, money or commodity instantly with assured security.

The services platform is the first ever financial company to publicly share its reserve holding in real time. The platform currently boasts 23 fiat currencies, along with 9 cryptocurrencies and 4 precious metals.

Reference: https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-community-rejoices-as-uphold-inc-waives-withdrawal-fee-for-xrp-on-their-platform/

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