Use Monero (XMR) As A Currency, Not An Investment, Riccardo Spagni Tells Forbes

One of Forbes’ latest articles presents Monero’s Riccardo Spagni’s views on XMR. Riccardo Spagni – aka FluffyPony on Crypto Twitter – tells author Leslie Ankney that XMR is not the best choice as an investment.

“Monero’s probably not an investment. It’s designed to be a currency, and in particular it’s designed to be a privacy-preserving currency,” are his exact words as reported by Forbes. For Spagni, Monero is reportedly not only a crypto with its own unique codebase; its setup reflects his beliefs.

“I’m a big advocate for personal privacy. I think that it should be a basic human right. The way all our data has just sort of been splurged online through hacks and compromises and malware and sometimes our own stupidity, we’re in a situation where privacy-preserving projects are a necessity,” he said via Forbes.


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