UK Financial LTD. Announces the Creation of its New Gold and Silver- Backed ERC-23 Token

U. K. Financial LTD. is proud to announce the arrival of its new gold and silver backed, Ethereum Classic-based token, Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR). The new token enjoys the elite distinction of being the first advanced ERC-223 token to be backed with approximately $18,500 USD worth of gold and silver per token, and is anticipated to become the cheapest, and ultimately most efficient and preferred, method of executing money transfers, and more
importantly, payments worldwide once its marketing plan is fully implemented.

U. K. Financial LTD. has signed contracts with the following gold and silver mines in Mexico: Mina Del Oro, Mina CR Y Mina Amplicacion Del Oro, Guadalupe, La Guadalupe 2, Gramos De Oro, La Fortuna and Santiago Apostol, to provide the gold and silver backing for all 250 million existing Maya Preferred 223 tokens. The opening price of the token is expected to match its backing value of approximately $18,500 USD, once the token is listed on a top-rated exchange.


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