Tribal Sovereignty – What Makes Mensarii Credit Union Different

The Mensarii cryptocurrency credit union is unlike any other you might have heard of before. What makes it different? The answer lies in Tribal Sovereignty, and the constitution of the United States of America.

You may have heard the term sovereignty before. In general terms, it refers to the right and power of a state to govern itself. When we speak about Tribal Sovereignty in the USA, we refer to the rights conferred on Native American tribes to govern themselves. These laws allow tribal nations to function as dependent domestic nations of their own, with control over the laws and governance.

The ability of Native American tribes to self-govern has been enshrined in law for generations. While the scope of the ability of tribes to form their own laws and authorities is ultimately defined by the US government, the power Congress wields is limited. Native American tribes are able to form their own laws and organize their own courts to enforce these – not to mention the ability to seek exemptions from taxations and limitations on use of land.

This extraordinary freedom, which has been carefully safeguarded through the generations, essentially means that Native American tribes can act as their own sovereign nations within the sovereign nation of America – a practice enshrined in treaties which have existed for hundreds of years. These treaties outline the relationship between the US government and the tribes, meaning that the rights held by tribes are both historically and culturally deeply rooted.

What does this mean for Mensarii? As a cryptocurrency credit union, Mensarii enjoys an unrivaled level of freedom and autonomy, while also being backed by resolutions enacted by the Tribal Business Council. Freed from excessive state regulation, but still supported by the power and influence of sovereign Tribal nations, Mensarii will be uniquely placed to thrive as a cryptocurrency, and as a credit union.

Secured by a blockchain validated system, Mensarii is freed from the issues that plague the modern banking industry. With a transparent and permanent ledger of transactions, financial malfeasance is a thing of the past, and Mensarii can offer a level of trust and transparency that was never previously possible. Available both to consumers and merchants, this cryptocurrency solution represents the future of modern banking.

In addition to the inherent level of trust afforded by blockchain validation and the use of smart contracts, Mensarii is also democratic in its approach to governance. Decisions about the future of this credit union will be decided by means of a member vote, ensuring that Mensarii really does exist to serve the needs of its users.

Able to benefit from the inherent freedoms of Tribal Sovereignty, while also being backup up by blockchain validation and secured by smart contracts, the Mensarii credit union will be able to operate with a level of safety and security that outstrips existing financial organizations. For more information about Mensarii, as well as a full feature list and a roadmap for the future, visit and sign up today.

About Mensarii

Mensarii is a decentralized platform that aims to help consumers and merchants overcome the obstacles of a traditional banking industry. Token sale starts on 1st June 2018.



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