Top five blockchain companies (Part I)

By the power of blockchain

Though blockchain has been around for a while, the technology is very much still in its infancy in terms of development and innovation. The industry has advanced in great strides since its inception circa 2009, but it is yet to reach its full potential.

A great number of professional sectors have so far been tempted by this incipient technology. From medicine to advertising, media, automobile, online gaming, blockchain tech is fast becoming ubiquitous. Blockchain disrupts the status quo and enables novel and innovative ways of research and development. Experts believe that the global market value of blockchain will surpass the $60bn mark by the year 2024.

The blockchain space is thus populated by a myriad of projects, some of which will succeed, and some of them which will not. But one way or another, blockchain is here to stay.

Five blockchain companies to look out for

Compiling a ‘Top 5’ list of anything can be a tricky thing, as the criteria and preferences used by every individual compiler may differ radically from someone else’s. Nevertheless, here’s five of my top blockchain companies currently in operation:


HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining company that uses clean energy drawn from enviromentally-friendly hydropower stations in the Alpine region to power its mining operation.

Hydrological power is generally considered to be one of the most cost-effective energy management resources available, and HydroMiner exploits this trait by achieving one of the lowest prices per kWh in the entire European continent.


Robotina offers a blockchain-based platform that incorporates AI and machine learning routines to optimize the electricity grid, reduce global energy consumption, and lower electricity costs for worldwide users.

Robotina’s technological proposition offers a combination of IoT, AI, blockchain, and state-of-the-art energy devices, all developed in-house.


Hyperloop technology powered by blockchain. rLoop gathers a number of engineering minds through a blockchain-based platform to develop revolutionary methods of land transportation via hyperloop.

SmartTrip platform

Everyone loves going on leisure journeys. Now, blockchain can help travellers via the SmartTrip platform, a decentralized service that connects would-be travellers with service providers to enable a smoother and mutually beneficial experience.


NewCurr introduces the proprietary Pallas-Athena blockchain engine, which is designed to guarantee the integrity, transmission, ownership of information, and develop a platform for large scale community projects.

Written by: Fernando Sanchez

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