Top Blockchain Explorers

CoinDance: at a glance, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Also includes market price information.

Etherscan.IO: overlook the whole Ethereum network and check your balances without opening a wallet.

Blockchain.Info: one of the oldest blockchain explorers, also gives access to a wallet. A superb tool for tracking transactions.

BlockCyper: combines Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and a test net.

Monero blockchain explorer: while the participants are anonymous, you can still track the transactions.

CryptoID: aggregates many blockchains for various coins

Blockchains are a tool underlining the transparency of cryptocurrencies- all activity is in the open, all processes are visible, despite the fact that individual transactions remain almost unreadable to a human viewer. But knowing your way around a blockchain explorer is the best way to take responsibility and learn how to be “your own banker”.

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