Three Cryptos Are Showing Strength Against Bitcoin

In the last few days, bitcoin bulls have been working really hard to put together a significant rally. Unfortunately, every attempt to bounce back has been met by a selling wall. Consequently, the king of cryptocurrencies is now close to breaking support of $9,000.

What’s positive about a weakening bitcoin is that it gives badly beaten altcoins the opportunity to recoup losses. On top of that, uptrending coins may end their consolidation as the leading cryptocurrency plunges. We’ll look at the latter to maximize the chances of profits. Here are three coins that are showing strength against bitcoin.

Binance Coin has been in a strong uptrend against bitcoin even since it breached resistance of 50,000 satoshis in December 2017. On April 20, the utility token posted a 2019 high of 481,340 satoshis. Since then, the market has been pulling back.


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