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On March 28, Tel Aviv will host a conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICOs, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel. It will feature leading industry experts from Israel, Germany, Malta, and other countries.

Participants will discuss topics important to the community from the standpoint of developers as well as investors and entrepreneur-innovators.

A large block of presentations will focus on the development of blockchain-based solutions. Participants will enjoy both practical case studies and review reports. Ami Turgman, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft, will speak about protocols that underlie blockchain; will touch the issue of mining and efficiency of Proof-of-Work concept that underlies most blockchain systems today. More details about this concept will be provided by Kambiz Djafari, CEO and Co-founder at The topic of his presentation is “2018 the year Proof-of-Stake will smooth out Proof-of-Work”. Another hot topic in blockchain development, scaling, will be highlighted by Marc Kenigsberg (Founder of BitcoinChaser): “Onboarding is the new scaling debate for bitcoin”.

Not only Microsoft but also another tech giant IBM will be represented at the conference. Speaker from this company, Ronen Siman Tov (Certified Thought Leader IT Architect at IBM) is in charge of all blockchain developments at IBM Israel. The latter will be covered in the expert’s presentation “IBM’s blockchain solutions for enterprises”.

Joshua Scigala, CEO of, will answer the intriguing question “How does money work when robots have taken our jobs?” The main theme of his report is artificial intelligence: capabilities, development trends, and the role blockchain may play in the artificial intelligence development.

ICOs or cryptocurrency crowd sales remain one of the most discussed topics connected to blockchain. It will be unveiled in the presentations of Noam Copel, founder of DAV Foundation (“How to value a token?”) and Juergen Hoebarth, CEO at Haexagon Concepts (“Post ICO Things”).

Practical use of blockchain now and in the nearest future is a timely topic for all members of the community. Fintech expert Moises Cohen, Co-Founder of The Floor global innovation center, will tell about revolutionary changes that blockchain can bring to the banking industry. Dorel Blitz, Head of Fintech KPMG Israel, is another fintech specialist to speak at the conference. The topic of his report is to be announced.

Another aspect of blockchain application, risks of using cryptocurrencies in money laundering and other illegal schemes, will be highlighted by Joseph F Borg. Senior Advisor at WH Partners, Co-Founder and Vice-President at Bitmalta will give a presentation on the topic “Cryptocurrencies and AML – The risks and the solutions”.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel is part of the global network of events organized by Smile-Expo in different countries of the world since 2014. In March, conferences from this series will also take place in Ukraine, Estonia, Turkey, and Thailand.

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