The Rising Blockchain Magazine Ranked Ethereum (ETH) Number 2 Among the Best Blockchain Protocols

The ratings used to gather the data does not include much when it comes to colorful explanations. Speaking of the EOS Blockchain, the magazine states that the EOS protocol is home to a transaction reversal mechanism that functions through the “Arbitration Court” concept. Via the list BitShares comes before Steem, although Steem has on-boarded more users than the majority of the Blockchain platforms on the list can name.

While BitShares, on the other hand, reportedly went through a very tough period in the last year. BitUSD lost its USD peg in a huge way, for starters. All in all, BitShares has only less than a quarter of a billion invested in it. When compared to the EOS Blockchain protocol, BitShares almost should not make the “top 10” list overall.

Ethereum (ETH) came second in the rankings. A list of dApps was also provided. It includes SONM, a digital token we had not covered much on since its ICO back in 2017. Although SONM’s mainnet was launched last July. As of press time, the protocol just had only 125 active deals. SONM is a platform designed to facilitate renting of computer resources. Everyone was excited about it at the initial stage, but the token’s performance after its ICO eventually forced it away from the forefront.


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