The ‘real world of advertising’ using Currency

Another revolutionized, fascinating cryptocurrency project ‘The Advertising Currency’ (TAC) is born and ready to sweep the marketing and advertising world that works both on offline and online paying publishers in TAC tokens which increase in value based on sales.

When the industry is grappling with how to approach defining a new modern media, most certainly one unique project that anyone in the crypto currency industry should be paying attention to is this TAC which is not a single token or crypto currency, but a series of 10 different tokens, each made for a different aspect of the marketing and advertising industries.

The advertisement on TAC is much cheaper rate than it is currently being offered by marketing agencies. This will be ensured through advertising contracts that cost more than standard advertisers can afford to buy.

TAC has already created minimum Viable Product which means it’s an effective platform to regain control over the respective industries.  It’s a free platform anyone can use, setup, and utilize to sell and distribute advertising from. As the platform is developed for use with the TAC Tokens, it means anyone running a copy of the platform, also accepts the various TAC Tokens as a form of payment.

With a click of a button TAC can be setup a traffic exchange, a viral mailer, a banner exchange, and article exchange, a social post exchange, or even a full blown social network. They can enable or disable whatever features they would like to have in their own sites.

This Open Source Marketing Platform (OSMP) also can be used to distribute advertising allowing administrators to purchase outdoor advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, magazine advertising and video advertising.

Traffic Exchange

This is where every user can boost traffic to their website by simply helping other ones to achieve the same thing.

In traffic exchange credits, it can be used to advertise on the traffic exchange. If they do not have traffic exchange credits, they can either buy them with the teTAC (traffic exchange advertsing currency) or they can earn them using the platform.

Social Exchange

The social exchange is a means of getting others to share posts for you on Google+, Facebook and Twitter also request someone make a post for you. The admin settings for a social exchange can be created with various upgrades and offer further rewards benefits and discounts to their members based on their own preferences and desires. Also the social networking is unique unlike other social networking platforms. For starters, it gives one easy access to sort their stream based on content types including photos and videos and text posts. Equally, it allows a user to sort their streams based on specific friends they have instead of all their friends contents being mixed together in one large stream. The reward system pays people in both socTAC credits and Tokens for being active in the system such as rewards for each friend connection they make and also rewarding for each post.

The Viral Mailer

The viral mailer allows you to send messages to members you are not connected to and to receive messages from other members. These messages are strictly delivered inside the OSMP TAC system and are not delivered to your email address. A message may contain up to 3 links, can include html, and one can add attachments of pdf, doc, xls, and ppt file types.

Article Exchange

This system is very unique to OSMP-TAC. It is a means of requesting others to write and publish article about your business or your project. Members of the site will be paid in artTAC credits and Tokens to post articles for you and should be handwritten and not copy-pasted write-ups and must follow the criteria you set  forth and be made available on public websites.The  Article should have the correct title, sentences link and linking text, with a minimum 500 words. The article will remain active until 10 different people have posted, and you only get charged one time based on the credits you offer like for 100 credits, you are charged 100 credits and each of 10 users will earn 100 credits to make an article following your criteria.

The uniqueness of TAC is that, the more the user utilizes the platform the more they end up earning in the various TAC Tokens. The TAC Tokens all sell for a value of $1 USD. The sale of these tokens will continue indefinitely. There is no presale or investment into this project.

To buy tokens, just login and see the list of all 10 of the TAC Tokens. Each token has a selling price of $1USD. You simply enter the amount of USD you wish to purchase of any of the tokens and click to deposit.

Article Written by: M. L. S. Ram, Follow her on

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