Teenage Bomb Hoaxer Jailed after Banking $800,000 in Bitcoin

An American-Israeli teenager who made bomb threats for a living has been sentenced to a decade in prison by a Tel Aviv court after making a small fortune in bitcoin.

According to prosecutors, 19-year old Michael Kadar was responsible for around 2,000 bomb hoaxes between 2015 and 2017, threats which earned him the nickname the “JCC bomb hoaxer” in Israel due to his focus on Jewish Community Centers. Other targets included commercial airlines, airports, police stations, malls, hospitals, and schools, per The New York Times.

To make bomb threats to commercial jets Kadar, charged US$500, while bomb threats to private residences cost US$40. Kadar, who was home-schooled due to an autistic condition that made integration difficult, charged US$80 to make a bomb threat to schools.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/teenage-bomb-hoaxer-jailed-after-banking-800000-in-bitcoin/

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