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Stellar Dumps Nearly 10% As FOMO Rears Its Ugly Head

On Monday, the Stellar Development Foundation announced that it burned more than half of the Lumens in circulation. Supply went from around 105 billion to 50 billion. From a basic supply and demand standpoint, the reduction of coins in circulation should be extremely bullish for the cryptocurrency. Continue reading Stellar Dumps Nearly 10% As FOMO Rears Its Ugly Head

CFTC Chairman Plugs that Friday FOMO feeling

He’s at it again! CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo has taken to Twitter to promote informed investment in cryptocurrencies. Giancarlo earned his accolade as Crypto Dad from the crypto community following his opening speech at the SEC Commission on virtual currencies. Drawing upon his own experience as a father of children highly excited by virtual currencies, the former business executive called for an open-minded approach and fair regulation. Since the speech he has adopted the title, inserting #CryptoDad into his official Twitter biography and earning the love of a large part of the cryptocurrency community. Giancarlo is instantly likable – and not just from his beaming profile pic and progressive attitude towards distributed ledger technology. His use of language on the official CFTC account, which can only be described as ‘down with the kids’, sets him apart from what most people would expect from a financial regulation official. It’s fresh, funny, and we can’t get enough of it. Like any good dad however, Giancarlo knows how to balance humor with sound advice. Earlier this month investors were warned to watch out for pump and dump scams and not blindly follow tips from social media or jump on sudden price spikes.

Reference: https://www.ccn.com/cryptodad-cftc-chairman-has-that-friday-fomo-feeling/