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Bitcoin Wallet BreadWallet is Bringing Ethereum Support

BreadWallet, cryptocurrency wallet service, published an update on its first quarter on Mar. 16, three months after the token sale. According to the announcement, Bread (BRD) application will start supporting Ethereum from the first week of April. However, ERC-20 functions will only be available to users who took part in the company’s ICO. Additionally, the team will be running an airdrop in order to celebrate the success of the project. Continue reading Bitcoin Wallet BreadWallet is Bringing Ethereum Support

Cryptocurrency Watch : Bread

Bread (BRD)

As Bread prepares to rapidly expand into all aspects of global finance, we are launching the first-ever wallet-based rewards program, built around the Bread token. Bread tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the Bread platform. Token holders will enjoy discounts, sequential tiers of complementary or exclusive access to premium features, and full white glove service for our most elite customers.

Current Price: $1.14 USD
Website: https://token.breadapp.com/en/
Type: Token
Market Cap: $68,422,496 USD
Circulating Supply: 59,888,399 BRD
Total Supply: 88,862,718 BRD