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Eden Labs – Quantum Computing and Blockchain

Except for “Artificial Intelligence,” there may be no more sensationalized term today than “Quantum Computing.” Quantum computing, proponents say, will transform the world we know today, enabling us to solve previously unsolvable problems, and rendering most modern-day encryption schemes irrelevant in the process. Regardless of the speculative impacts, how soon we achieve quantum computing is debatable, and most predictions today, regarding its impact and capabilities, are simply theoretical. However, this hasn’t slowed the speculation or prevented many industries from taking “preventative” measures – or at least as preventative as one can be regarding theoretical speculation. Blockchain has been no different. Some DLT projects choose to exploit the hype and promote more complex encryption techniques, somewhat believed to be quantum resistant. The question arises whether or not this is actually entirely necessary. The following article provides a brief introduction to quantum computing, its potential impact on blockchain, and how relevant a threat it actually is. Continue reading Eden Labs – Quantum Computing and Blockchain

Coinbase Granted UK E-Money License

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is making significant strides in its European expansion. San Francisco-based Coinbase has now received an e-money license by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial regulator, enabling the cryptocurrency exchange to provide payment- and electronic money services as cash alternatives to customers in the United Kingdom and 23 countries within the European Union. Continue reading Coinbase Granted UK E-Money License