Sorry GunBroker, FreedomCoin isn’t the Token Your Gun-Toting Bitcoin Users are Looking For

Yesterday, much like any other day, I received dozens of press releases from blockchain companies and crypto public relations firms, the bulk of which were anything but newsworthy. However, given my personal interest in hunting and shooting sports, one immediately piqued my interest: GunBroker will start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

GunBroker, for non-shooting sports aficionados, is one of the most popular online platforms for third-party firearm sales. Using the platform, buyers and sellers throughout the United States can easily execute gun transactions across state lines. Every transfer must go through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, who performs a background check on the buyer before allowing them to take custody of the firearm. It’s quite literally the eBay of gun sales,
given that it’s where most sellers migrated when eBay placed heavy restrictions on the sale of firearms and related components more than a decade ago.


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