Self-made millionaire who started with £300 in his pocket shares business tips

Paul T. Lajszczak, a self-made millionaire, arrived in the UK from Poland in 2004 with just £300 in his pocket and with no job. He didn’t know anyone in the UK and his English was poor. 10 years on, after conquering a series of setbacks, he is one of most successful businessmen in finance and property, owning over thirty properties and several businesses in the UK, Poland and the Middle East: Financial Brokers, Place2B, House in UK, Property Portal Crowdfunding Place, Bio Diesel NW and other businesses.

What were Paul’s beginnings? He arrived in Blackpool, at the age of 23 after breaking up with his girlfriend in his native Poland, to start a fresh life in England. A very bright young man, with three University degrees: in politics, European studies and journalism, with lots of business experience, had to do unsecure low paid manual jobs, working in pubs, restaurants and delivering pizza. His life wasn’t easy but he knew one thing: he didn’t want to work for somebody else. The only way for Paul was to be his own boss so after a few months he bought a carpet cleaning machine and he started earning additional money from it.

His ex-employer noticed Paul’s self-drive and entrepreneurial spirit and lent him some money so that Paul could open a small local fast food bar. Paul observed how to run this type of business while he was delivering pizza earlier in the year. He continued running the business for a year, until 2006, when he didn’t see real profits and he decided to move to Cumbria and try his luck in finance. He was working then for a big corporation selling insurance. This is when he learnt the details of insurance business, a knowledge which he used a year later when he opened his first finance company that led him to success and becoming a self-made millionaire.

Opening an insurance brokers company was not easy – Paul had to fight for half a year to obtain a licence. He finally opened the business with a business partner in 2007, however, in 2009, he left the business after series of misunderstandings and a difficult relationship with the business partner. It was a third time when Paul found himself in a difficult situation and feeling like going round in circles. But he didn’t give up – he moved to Manchester and set up a new finance brokers company under financial network, this time solo, without any business partners.

The company grew as Paul was adding new financial services to the portfolio: insurance, mortgage, business loans and other. Paul was able to buy a flat and was really settling in when another problem stroke and saw Paul almost reaching bankruptcy. In 2011 Paul applied to get the full independent licence for insurance brokers called licence to be directly authorised by the FCA, the finance authority. However, the finance institution under which Paul had his current licence, tried everything to destroy him and it succeeded – Paul was taken off licence altogether. He found himself broke, not able to continue with the business with no licence and it was one month before his daughter was born.

However Paul didn’t give up. He fought back. He opened up a court case against the financial giant and he won the case, receiving thousands of pounds in compensation. He then received the full independent financial broker’s licence and was able to operate directly for himself under the FCA. That’s when his business really grew: Paul started offering financial products to ex-pacts living in UK on very big scale. The Paul opened up divisions in Dubai and in Poland.

Then Paul opened a string of new businesses: property investment and property development being the largest. His firm started development of Gallery Lounge which is bar where you can buy art as well as Place2B unique Co-working space in city centre of Manchester. Paul moved into cryptocurrency investment and combined this with his property investment knowledge creating a ground-breaking initiative: he installed an ATM machine in Manchester, where people are able to buy cryptocurrency and then pop in to Paul’s property investment firm portal called Crowdfunding Place located just 2 metres away from the ATM machine and invest in property with their cryptocurrency. The innovative cryptocurrency ATM machine is located in Islington Wharf Building in Manchester. Paul sees cryptocurrency as the way forward in a globalised world, and not just a little hobby for few.

Paul shares with us his vision: ‘’ This ground-breaking way of buying cryptocurrency with cash and of investing enables an ordinary person to invest any amount, small or larger and to become a property investor within minutes. Investing couldn’t get easier. It gives people freedom. I plan to grow the network of our innovative cryptocurrency ATM machines in Manchester and beyond. It is a very exciting era we live in. I want to raise awareness of possibilities that we previously thought were impossible.’’

Now Paul is self-sufficient and crossed a millionaire barrier meaning that he could give up his work today and live comfortably to the end of his life. However, he has no desire to do so: he says that he would be bored. He says that he likes to come to his office every morning. He likes to invent and implement his own innovative ideas and to stretch boundaries to see what else he can do. He tries the waters all the time with new ventures and ideas. Paul says that not all ideas and ventures always work, but that doesn’t matter, because the more you try to more successes you are going to have.

Paul likes to help other people setting up businesses and helps them along the way and he inspires many with his story. He is invited to business talks around the country and to share his experience in various media and TV, from talking about Brexit and business on BBC and Al Jazeera to TV appearance in ‘’Landlords’’ programme in BBC.

When asked what are his plans for the next 5 years Paul says that he doesn’t have plans because plans limit him. He has visions instead as visions are not limiting. His advice to other budding entrepreneurs is not to limit yourself and your mind with narrow plans but to catch and to create opportunities and have an open mind to any possibilities. Paul says that the world changes so quickly that your ideas from last year might be outdated and if you stick to them, your business may move backward rather than forward. He also advises to observe politics closely as global changes affect every country.

Paul also gives back. He is a business angel and is involved in supporting local charities in Manchester and he is a Chair of Trustees of Europia, an awards winning charity supporting Europeans living in UK.

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