Scottish OneCoin Victim Turns Whistleblower, Receives Vile Death Threats

An investor in the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme is facing death threats after publicly speaking out about her ordeal. Besides death threats, Jen McAdam has also been threatened with sexual violence, according to the BBC.

As one of the tens of thousands of victims who lost money in the OneCoin scam, McAdam was most recently featured in a BBC investigative podcast, The Missing Crypto Queen. The podcast dug deep into the disappearance of Ruja Ignatova, the founder of the pyramid scheme. Since then she has been subjected to a ‘torrent of abuse’.

Per McAdam, the threats are coordinated attacks instigated by OneCoin supporters. Most of the threats that McAdam has received have been posted on Facebook. In one threat posted late last month, the podcast was described by fake news by one OneCoin supporter while McAdam, referred to as ‘that laddy’ was informed she had only a few days to live.


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