Ripple XRP Says The Revolution Will Be Televised

Ripple’s regular movement of funds from its escrow wallet to a hot wallet is always noted by crypto whale watchers, such as Whale Alert, which tracks large movements of coins. Ripple conducts a transfer at the beginning of every month and usually returns a large portion of XRP back to escrow. They are authorized by smart contract to use the whole amount if necessary, but prices have been kind to them in recent years.

The line from Heron’s song/poem has been referenced frequently by radical movements. The song talks about the ways that revolutionary thought had been co-opted by the mainstream media and hipsters of the day.

Ripple’s comment that the revolution “will be televised” is cryptic at best. Are they referring to some upcoming live stream? Does Ripple view itself as an agent of change? Ripple does occasionally do live-stream question-and-answer sessions and frequently engages with social media as a means to connect with its user base. But what “revolution” are we talking about? The blockchain revolution? Which part will be televised?

Perhaps we at CCN are being dense about the poetic nature of the memo. We’d just like some clarification, please, Ripple. We also wonder what else the monthly memo could be used for.


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