Ripple/XRP could be integrated into our global payments system, says Remitly CEO

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is a sphere of high volatility and experimentation, due to which the involvement of major financial institutions and cooperations do not take place as smoothly. The adoption of virtual assets has been slowly progressing and Ripple’s XRP has been arguably leading the cryptocurrency universe and making a strong case for implementation in banks and other financial sectors for cross-border transactions and settlements.

According to a recent report, Remitly, an international payments company, is interested in Ripple’s XRP and is planning to integrate the cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology into their financial transaction services.

In a recent media conference, Matthew Oppenheimer, CEO, and co-founder of Remitly, said that they are looking into the blockchain technology for improving global transactions via a peer-to-peer system, and indicated that a partnership with Ripple to enable smoother transactions could be a reality soon.


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