Ripple Denies Coinbase Payoff Rumors Over XRP Listing

While nearly all cryptocurrencies have focused on decentralization for greater adoption, San Francisco-based Ripple has taken a different approach with XRP. The firm has forged partnerships with many banks to promote their services of quick and low-cost cross-border payments, and this policy has been highly successful. Another milestone for XRP occurred earlier this week when it was added to Coinbase Pro. However, there are rumblings that Ripple
paid Coinbase to list the crypto.

The rumors of a payoff really took flight when Alistair Milne, a U.K.-based investor, asked Ripple directly if they had paid Coinbase off. This ignited the usual healthy (yes, I’m being sarcastic) Twitter debate. (XRP is one crypto that is either loved or hated.)

Elliott Suthers, director of communications for Coinbase, would not speak publicly but offered a private chat about the subject. Milne then posted a screenshot of this response, further igniting talk of a payoff.


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