Ripple CEO Garlinghouse Slams FUD Because ‘It’s Clear XRP Isn’t a Security’

Investments in XRP has dwindled dramatically in 2019, indicating that not many are using the crypto-asset for its intended application: that of behaving as a bridge between fiat currencies for cross-border payments. The result is an underperforming token, now down more than 23 per cent against the US dollar.

Investors have their reasons to keep a safe distance from XRP. The token is now a part of a class-action lawsuit filed against Ripple, a San Francisco- based remittance firm, and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Thousands of investors have accused Ripple of selling them XRP as an unregistered securities offering. They seek refunds after suffering losses from their XRP investments. The XRP-to-dollar rate has plunged from $3 to about 25 cents.

The token launched on a promise to grease the wheel of the world’s cross-border remittance industry stands stuck. And Garlinghouse believes it is the victim of a mass FUD — a backronym of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


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