NIKO: Trading value on the blockchain

Nikola Tesla’s pioneering work in the field of electrical engineering created a conceptual framework that would only be recognized long after the man’s death. His work still resonates today, and many of the theories and concepts he worked on to develop an alternating current induction motor formed the basis for a lot of electrical equipment still used in present time.

Tesla passed away long ago, in an era where cryptocurrencies were in nobody’s mind. Yet, his legacy lives on, through NIKO, a decentralized, open-source, worldwide network that records transactions of value, free from the oversight of any central authority.

NIKO: Peer-to-peer marketplace for value

The NIKO network is intended to act as market place open to anyone who wishes to participate, offering users the chance to communicate, transact, and manage value on a peer-to-peer basis.

The NIKO community strongly believes and fosters community development, decentralization, with particular emphasis on inclusion, all within the framework of integrating into the larger digital economy environment.

NIKO is underpinned by the Three Pillars of Viable Cryptocurrency, which outline a set of rules for the quantifiable evaluation of a crypto project.

The NIKO network is supported by Nikola Tesla Unite (NTU) Ltd., a for-profit organization founded in 2017, whose goal is educating the young minds of this world and empower them to thrive in their own environment. NTU puts particular emphasis on decentralized technologies to drive change. NTU itself is supported and endorsed by the Nikola Tesla Foundation.

The NIKO currency

Most crypto projects develop their own currency, and this is no exception. NIKO is also the name given to the project underpinning the platform.

NIKO is a Proof-of-Stake currency that uses a consensus algorithm that generates blocks based on the number of coins that a user owns.

NIKO trades across a number of crypto-exchanges. As adoption of the currency grows worldwide, so will the number of exchanges where it will be tradable. Currently, a limited number of merchants accept it as payment. A complete list of merchants will be available on the NIKO site shortly.

NIKO wallets

The emphasis on inclusion is aimed at drawing as many people as possible to the NIKO platform, which means that technology must exist across a number of systems and architectures for maximum reach.

The NIKO currency can be stored in wallets that are currently available on Android, Windows and Mac desktop, Linux, web, and Paper.

Written by: Fernando Sanchez

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