NEO Cofounder Praises the Ethereum Dev Community, Talks About the Future of Blockchain Tech and NEO 3.0

Da Hongfei, Co-Founder of NEO and the visible face of the project, gave one of the most critical presentations of the NEO DevCon in Seattle. During the event, the community was able to learn about the most important developments that are being made on this platform as well as the progress of NEO 3.0, the “evolution” of the blockchain, planned for the upcoming months.

One of the most relevant things to be noted is Da Hongfei’s vision of consolidating NEO as the most important blockchain of 2020. A challenging goal in terms of adoption and much more if the market cap of its token measures the “success” of the blockchain.

The “Chinese Ethereum” has a 2019 full of challenges and hard work. The implementation of NEO 3.0 is focused on making this blockchain the most suitable choice for large enterprises, optimizing the development of Smart Contracts and eliminating UTXO tokens.


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