Nano Price Continues to Rise With 30% Gains

Cryptocurrency Nano leaps ahead in price by 30%. The move places the coin in the top twenty in terms of marketcap with a total valuation of $2.06b, making each Nano coin worth at $15 the time of writing. This jump is the latest in a period of huge volatility for the virtual currency, gaining 20% in just one day last week. The cause of the volatility is likely the BitGrail event, where over $170m worth of Nano was stolen. Representing 10% of the total supply of Nano the event shook the market heavily. The price of one Nano fell a staggering 466%, from highs of $28 to just $6. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt led to a loss of confidence in the currency and left investors rushing to sell. The technology behind Nano was not responsible for the crisis, however, with developers pointing fingers at the now-closed BitGrail exchange. As time has passed investors have realized this fact and returned to the falling coin looking for a bargain.


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