Modex Rewards Programme: Attention Developers

The new Modex Developer Platform is an end-to-end solution for developers, with purpose to increase blockchain adoption

 LONDON, United Kingdom, August 24, 2018/ — A full Developer Modex Platform is in motion to become the go-to place for developers wanting to shift to blockchain development. Modex will award the first 1,000 developers joining the Unified Developer Environment platform with a bonus of 1,000 MODEX tokens:

The new Modex Developer Platform is an end-to-end solution for developers, with purpose to increase blockchain adoption and raise the quality and sophistication of blockchain development projects.

‘We strongly believe that the Modex Platform is a real enabler for blockchain development and will contribute to significant innovations in this space by fuelling decentralised creativity.”, said Mihai Ivascu, Modex’s Founder and CEO.

Modex’s world first marketplace for Blockchain, with an integrated development platform, was built with developers’ needs in mind, to enable them to easily create the next generation of smart contracts. Project repository, issue tracking, project documentation and collaboration tools are  the function developers can access. The Modex Innovation team has set off to create a ground-breaking environment — which includes IDE, Test Net, a test and deploy mechanism — for developers who code for blockchain.

Inspired by the developers’ fast changing needs, Modex’s champions are working to build a game-changing development platform for blockchain. Developers will also be able to use theIntegrated Development Environment (IDE), which is connected to a complex and stable blockchain infrastructure, in order to build, test and deploy smart contracts and DApps.

Empowering developers with the MODEX Token

The world’s first token specifically designed for developers, the MODEX Token acknowledges and rewards the programers’ hard work in building Smart Contracts, thus bridging the gap between developers, businesses and real-world users.

The MODEX Token brings added value not just to developers — by rewarding their efforts in writing Smart Contracts for various purposes, uploading and selling these smart contracts on the Modex Marketplace, thus increasing their revenue — but also to businesses and end-users who need these dapps.

The MODEX Token will seamlessly connect developers with the real world, helping companies and end-users find the right solutions for their needs and contributing to future growth. Characterized by its strong, inherent value, MODEX is the world’s first token empowered by developers. Basically, the MODEX Token reflects every single hour of the developer’s work.

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