McAfee Says His Bitcoin Debit Card’s Coming Soon

John McAfee just tweeted out from somewhere in the Bahamas a teaser image for a new crypto debit card. The dotcom, anti-virus-millionaire promises the Visa-branded bitcoin card will be coming soon. From the teaser promo, it appears you can use your card to spend bitcoin anywhere Visa is accepted.

McAfee has a history of making false promises, the most recent of which was that he would reveal the identity of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. So for all those in crypto land who are waiting with bated breath for a Visa-branded bitcoin debit card, we can’t make any promises. But McAfee says it’s the real deal.

If that feature finds its way into the final product, people will be able to accept payments with a card in their wallet. This would be a disruptive foray into the payment cards business. Not least of all because the underlying currency being used for payment is bitcoin.


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