London Blockchain Conference Pulls Headline After Crypto Community Threatens to Boycott Faketoshi

A London blockchain conference has pulled the headline for one of its most controversial talks after the crypto community rallied in defiance against its speaker – the self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin Craig Wright, AKA ‘Faketoshi’.

The CC Forum scheduled to take place Oct. 14-16 has a number of high-profile figures attending, including the infamous anti-crypto advocate Nouriel ‘Dr. Doom’ Roubini. Wright’s Fireside chat was controversially titled, “What Was Your Purpose as Satoshi Writing the Whitepaper?” but has since been removed seemingly in response to a boycott from the crypto community.

BitMEX Research caught wind of the headline on Sunday afternoon and promptly fired up a tweetstorm in protest of Craig Wright’s unrelenting Satoshi Nakamoto claim.


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