Litecoin Payments are Quietly Starting to Catch On

One of the main critiques about Bitcoin is the digital currency’s troubles offering timely and cost-effective payments. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, foresaw Bitcoin’s future payment issues, and took action by designing a more payments-friendly blockchain.
After earning the nickname, ‘SatoshiLite’, Mr. Lee earned a job at Coinbase, the large San Francisco-based crypto-exchange. Mr. Lee left Coinbase last year. Thereafter, he sold his Litecoin so that he could act more freely as a champion for the digital currency he founded and not be accused of pumping and dumping.

After a tough few years for Bitcoin in the headlines when it comes to its payments weakness, attention might finally be turning to Litecoin – which admittedly has existed under the shadows of the modern ICO craze and even the Bitcoin Cash experiment.


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