Litecoin Hashrate climbs back above 200TH/s amid two months of growth

Despite current market conditions the Litecoin Network has just retaken another target by surpassing 200TH/s (terahash) hashrate as continued growth extends for a second consecutive month. As such, even though market value is down ~85% (sitting at $41) from its peak, the network security has only fallen by ~30% according to data provided by BitInfoCharts.

The last time hashrate was this high was back in April 2018 when a single Litecoin was valued at ~$120, it would then go on to peak at 320TH/s at around the same value. The run up in price during 2017 became exponential resulting in a lagging hashrate as miners rushed to order more ASIC machines. Now it has had a chance to catch up and provides some interesting insights into mining profitability and support.


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