Let’s talk about crypto-games: First Crypto Games Conference yields new collectible game Blockchain Cuties

Crypto games are something of a rarity. They do exist, but this form of entertainment is still largely restricted to a core of blockchain enthusiasts. There are quite a few hurdles that need to be overcome before mass adoption can occur. The first generation of blockchain-based games tend to be slow and simple, a far cry from the heavyweight gaming series available on traditional consoles or PC. Crypto gaming is a long way indeed from reaching the general gaming public.

Still, a number of companies and enterprises are are starting to make the first moves towards steering blockchain gaming into the mainstream. The very first Crypto Games Conference has just been held in the Russian city of Minsk, for example. For two days (October 17-18), crypto gaming enthusiasts and blockchain professionals gathered to talk games and blockchain. Over 600 participants shared their experiences and rallied together to raise the profile for their hobby of choice.

And the winner is…Blockchain Cuties!

The conference featured a competition in which 100 new games went head to head. But there could only be one winner. Blockchain Cuties, a collectible game, took the Best Crypto Game award.

Vladimir Tomko, CEO and producer of …Cuties spoke at length about his game, and the current state of crypto gaming.

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible game, much like its predecessor Crypto Kitties. Cuties features cute, manga-like creatures which you can collect, trade, battle with, and breed. Each Cutie represents one ERC-271 token that can be transferred or sold to other players.

It’s hardly groundbreaking stuff, and there appears to be an over-emphasis on cuteness. The game’s intended demographic could easily be children of school age, as anyone over the age of 8 or 9 is unlikely to find any appeal here. But hence the main issue, as this demographic is also unlikely to understand the concept of cryptocurrency.

Whatever the intention behind Blockchain Cuties may be, the game did win the first prize in Minsk, so credit where it’s due.

Crypto gaming is currently in its infancy, and while the technology powering the games may be cutting edge, the games feel like the Pac-man and Space Invaders of the era. A radical evolution is needed before crypto gaming reaches the multi-billion industry of titles such as Gears of War or Resident Evil.

Written by: Fernando Sanchez

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