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LAS VEGASJune 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Koosha Azim, a financial technology innovator known widely for his early entry into the field of cryptocurrency, has co-authored a cohesive stablecoin book with Alyze Sam and Adam Alonzi. The team’s book, entitled Stablecoin Economy: Ultimate Guide to Secure Digital Finance, is a reference for anyone seeking knowledge on the topic of stablecoins or decentralized banking. The team’s previous book had been publicly endorsed by John McAfee: “Unbiased, great guides, complex charts broken down, easy to understand information for beginners to invest and crypto veterans.”

After months of stablecoin research, Sam came to the conclusion that there simply wasn’t enough information about this type of asset-class available to the public. With the help of Koosha Azim and Adam Alonzi, she led the group’s second book development.

“After many months of research, my associates and I agreed that this information is of high importance. It should not be such a scarcely covered subject in financial technology. So we decided to compile the necessary knowledge and get ahead of the demand curve. Stablecoin Economy includes all of the vital details on the properties of money, how stablecoins operate, and the differences from one coin to the next. We covered enough grounds for future educators to build on top of our stablecoin publications,” says Koosha Azim, entrepreneur.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that peg their value to fiat and other stable currencies to provide market stability, international currency onramps, and a relatively predictable “safe” staking bet.

Author Bio:

Koosha Azim is an Iranian-American author who has been in headlines for his sharp business tactics as well as his entrepreneurial spirit.

Koosha is also the Director of Technology at the Africa Blockchain University where he has organized nine blockchain camps within seven African nations. At the ABU, he is integrating stablecoin book curriculum into African universities. Azim has lectured university students from over 20 nations through Althash Education to spread a thorough framework for stablecoin adoption. He has previously worked with fintech projects such as Copper Banking and Pi Network to expand access to wealth across generations.

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