Kaafila’s concerns and lookouts towards the needs of Advertisers

While the advantages of internet promoting incorporate the capacity to contact an enormous crowd, and
the capacity to gauge brings about constant, internet promoting at present likewise has a few
drawbacks/impediments as follows: Customers Ignore Ads (immersed with tedious
promotions), Expensive Ad Prices (for authentic client fragments), Too Many Ad Options (for
distinctive promotion areas on different stages).
Kaafila means to offer a basic answer for online promotions, with 15-30 second video advertisements,
which will be displayed in the objective classification recordings. For instance, a stock exchanging
business can show its video advertisements in the different recordings and courses identified with monetary
markets. Kaafila intends to draw in Users, everything being equal, who need to gain from the
recordings/seminars on the site, for their profession development. In view of contributions from Advertisers,
such Users are a truly positive fragment for appearing “significant” advertisements limitedly.
Kaafila won’t rely upon Ad pay from recordings and application, and there is no strain to
boost Ad pay, since some high level courses will have an ostensible expense to cover
the course creation and conveyance costs. Furthermore, there will be pay from Social
Media Services, and NFT Marketplace. This situation of independence will empower Kaafila
to choose and support applicable promotions, and work with great Advertisers, who see
esteem in our insight/content centered methodology. Sponsors will have their own
dashboard to transfer video promotions, and set the advertisement rates, and asset their record with Kaafila
(KFL) or Algorand (ALGO) token

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