Joe Rogan: ‘Bitcoin Will Become Like Dollar Bills’

In the most recent episode (#1230) of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels begin to talk about economics about an hour in. Killer Mike starts an aside that leads to Bitcoin by saying, “We end poverty, we fix crime.”

The Run the Jewels rapper and famous podcast actor-turned-podcast go on to talk about ways to end poverty. Killer Mike plays on “Make America Great Again” by saying “We need to make shit in America again.” His sentiment echoes a number of political and economic pillars who wish to stimulate american manufacturing again. President Donald Trump has even kicked off a tariff war with China over the past 12 months with mixed results.

Rogan says that most people look at the poor as a source of crime. The conversation on poverty goes on for awhile. Killer Mike cities various methods by which America could improve its poverty rate (socalized housing, increased help for impoverished mentally ill). An interesting concept that he brings up is the concept of “rentrification,” in which people who succeed from lower classes should buy property in places they grew up to help build the economy.


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