ICO Watch: Sola

What is Sola?
Sola (short for “social layer”) is a next-gen decentralized social network whose users reach a bigger audience and make money from their content. Sola doesn’t use the concept of following — instead, it spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users, applying AI algorithms combined with users’ reactions. We aim to become the top spot to share, consume, and publicly interact on non-private information of any kind in the most effortless way. You have something to say, we show it to those who care. Automatically. — Ilya Zudin, Sola CEO

ICO Information
The main ICO begins on November 27, 2017 and will run until December 22, 2017. There are a total of 50,000,000 Sola tokens (SOL) available during the main ICO, representing 33% of the total SOL supply. A hard cap of $5,000,000 is set for this period. $0.1 = 1 SOL.

Token Discount:
15% until $750,000 raised
10% until $1,500,00 raised
5% until $3,000,000 raised

Token Distribution Information
There are a total 150,000,000 SOL tokens being created, with 50,000,000 SOL available during main ICO. Contributors will receive their tokens after the end of the ICO. You will receive your SOL to the ETH address specified in your application. Visit the Sola website for more information and the contribution address.

33%: ICO
37%: Development (vested for 3 years)
18%: Incentivize community (vested 1 year)
10%: Team
2%: Early users rewards

Use of ICO Proceeds
70%: Development
20%: Marketing
5%: Legal
5%: Advisors

Ilya Zudin, CEO / Co-founder
Illya has more than 10 years of experience in the social services area, including two years of experience in the area of social games. Since 2011, he has been working on his own social services. Ilya’s area of expertise is artificial decision-making systems.

Pavel Panov, CTO / Co-Founder
Pavel has more than 10 years of experience in development and senior management. Since 2011, Pavel has been working on his own social project in collaboration with Ilya Zudin.

Maxim Belov, CFO
Maxim is a media company financial management expert, He has been a part of the Sola team for last two years. Before Sola, he had worked for five years as Operational Finance Director for CTC Media (the largest media holding in Russia, NASDAQ public corporation).

Vasily Zubarev, Architect
Vasily has a degree in Natural Language Processing. He has eight years experience in backend development. He is also a machine learning and neural networks expert.

Website: https://sola.foundation/

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