HTC Says Its Next Smartphone Will Run a Full Bitcoin Node

Mobile phone manufacturer HTC wants to let its smartphone customers plug into the bitcoin blockchain. Speaking on Saturday at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York, HTC’s Phil Chen revealed a new low-cost version of its blockchain phone, the EXODUS 1s, announcing that the device will be capable of acting as a full node for the bitcoin network, meaning customers will store the entire blockchain’s data on their devices.

The company will also provide a software development kit (SDK) available for its Zion Vault, HTC’s crypto wallet app, and eventually plans to open-source the code behind its social key recovery mechanism. Phil Chen, HTC’s decentralized chief officer, told CoinDesk that the company is targeting a release by the end of Q3. “[The 1s is] going to be a lot cheaper, it will be a lot more accessible,” he said. The device will retail for between $250 and $300. Specifications have not yet been released for the device.


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