Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Future is so Bright: Digital Currency Group Exec

Bitcoin tanked in 2018, but the future of cryptocurrencies remains bright because you can’t stop progress. That’s the assessment of Travis Scher, a vice president at crypto investment firm Digital Currency Group.

“2019 will be volatile, entertaining, and full of surprises,” Scher wrote in a Medium post. “But I am confident that the stress caused by the 2018 crash will lead to more growth.”

Scher admitted that 2018 was a challenging year for cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, “there are good reasons for pessimism and disillusionment as 2019 begins,” he conceded.

However, Scher — an attorney who previously worked at the white-shoe law firm Skadden Arps — said the crypto community is addressing key underlying issues that have held it back.

Scher outlined the steps the industry must take to bolster its credibility and move toward mainstream adoption.


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