First Ever Blockchain Cybersecurity Company Makes Its’ Intelligence Free to the Public

Stratus Cyber has partnered with Blockchain Venture Accelerator Etheralabs to launch the first ever blockchain cybersecurity newsletter. Committed to bringing the latest and most important news to its’ subscribers, their vision is to bring blockchain security front-of-mind to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, ICOs and the consumers of blockchain products and services.

“Security is often an afterthought, but being aware of current trends in blockchain and security is critical for its success. We strive to bring together industry cybersecurity knowledge and technical knowledge of blockchain, and we’re thrilled to be the first blockchain and cybersecurity newsletter to raise awareness of the importance of the subject.” – Ajay Chandhok, CEO, Stratus Cyber

Stratus Cyber is historically known as the first ever blockchain security company, which the team founded in 2016. Stratus is now expanding into providing free content and informational with the goal of creating broad awareness, and education, on the importance of blockchain and cybersecurity.

This content will be accelerated and curated in partnership with New York based Blockchain Venture Accelerator Etheralabs, whose mission is to accelerate companies and drive engagement to ideas that they believe will truly change the world. It is also with this in mind that Etheralabs will launch its own Plato Project to the public; a completely new 360° environment to access and analyze blockchain and cryptocurrency data. Etheralabs will make this project free to the public later this year. For now, the team is thrilled to bring community awareness to the importance of blockchain security.

“We truly believe in utilizing our resources to identify, track, invest in and drive engagement around companies we think are going to change the world. Blockchain security is one topic that needs to be ubiquitous in the discussion of blockchain venture development. We are proud to bring this free and highly informational resource to the public’s awareness, and look forward to launching our proprietary concepts to the public as well in the near future.” – Bryan Feinberg, CEO, Etheralabs

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About Stratus Cyber

Stratus Cyber is a security insights and news platform that is on a mission to deliver superior cybersecurity solutions that empower your organization to focus on what it does best. Stratus Cyber believes that enterprise-grade security should be simple and economical for organizations to achieve. Their experts are led by Ajay Chandhok, whose previous job experience includes the US Department of Defense. Stratus Cyber was founded in 2016 and is the first blockchain security company. Its experts host over 10 years in cybersecurity experience. Learn more at

About Etheralabs

Etheralabs is New York based Blockchain Venture Accelerator where the leading ideas in decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies become reality. Etheralabs lays the foundation for promising IP by investing in, building and deploying disruptive technologies across the Blockchain Ecosystem. Their acceleration model is a highly relevant intelligence platform of people, networks, artificial intelligence and code with over 30 years of experience, over $200M in investment and over 100 companies served. Etheralabs is led by CEO and founder, Bryan Feinberg, a licensed investment banker holding series 7, 63 & 79 FINRA license designations. Etheralabs is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, CA San Jose, CA, Miami, FL, Bangalore, KA and New Delhi, KA.

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