Ethereum Price To Hit $375 By Summer According To The Latest Ethereum Price Forecast

Ethereum had a rocky season last year. However, in the beginning of this year, the Ethereum price prediction 2019 became positive as it increased significantly against the USD heading for the resistance at $200. However, due to the general correction in the market, the price of Ethereum was unable to break the resistance at $200. After trending sideways for many days, the price of Ethereum fell from the $183 level to the $165 level along with other cryptocurrencies. Now, the latest Ethereum price forecast in U°Today suggests that Ethereum will hit $375 within the next six months. Will Ethereum recover to $375 in six months?

Before Ethereum was deployed, the Ethereum development team anticipated many possible weaknesses on the blockchain that would occur as the network expands. The result of these weaknesses was a lack of scalability. As the world’s foremost decentralised computer with many use cases, it was only natural for Ethereum to attract users. However, the blockchain wasn’t created to scale. This led to congestion and slow pace of transaction processing. This is why the Ethereum development team created a roadmap of gradual upgrades that would be put in place one after the other until the network becomes more scalable. The last part of the upgrade is Serenity or Ethereum 2.0 and it is expected to be the final version of Ethereum.


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