Ethereum Price Struggles to Hold above $100 as Crypto Winter Grows More Frigid

Since our last crypto market round-up report on Friday, the climate has changed significantly for at least one major cryptocurrency: Ethereum. All eyes are on Ether as it pushes closer and closer to the $100 mark. Bitcoin, meanwhile, briefly crossed the threshold of $3,400. By most accounts, the Bitcoin price is working on a test of the $3,000 mark, which is both a psychological and market indicator.

The Bitcoin price‘s 3-day chart looks a bit hellish if you’re a bull in this cold weather. Bitcoin has lost $200 over the past three days. Average users and merchants will feel a difference such as this. Momentum seems to be dying on any form of bull run. There seems a strong likelihood that resurgences like we’ve seen the past day and a half are merely bots “buying the dip,” without the foresight to see that even cheaper prices may be on the horizon.


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