Digits Partners with RenGen In Effort to Raise $50 million for ICO

June 26, 2018 – Santa Monica, CA – Digits.io, the first blockchain technology offering the ability for any credit or debit card to be used as a cryptocurrency card, announced today that it has partnered with RenGen Labs to raise $50 Million for its Pre-ICO.

RenGen Labs is a financial services firm that maintains their focus on investing in innovative blockchain technology companies in their early stages. RenGen Labs has partnered with Digits to raise $50 million in funds for the company that is working to ensure that the future of cryptocurrency includes cross-platform integration alongside existing networks including Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

“We are very pleased to be working with RenGen Labs, and we believe our mission to build a long-term, valuable, and revenue-generating business is as attainable as it has ever been. The partnership we have forged will invite a lot of potential for our company, and we look forward to what this opportunity will bring,” said Ben Way, founder, and CEO of Digits.

“We see the Digits platform as a brilliant and much-needed solution for the future.  Crypto is migrating into all parts of our lives, and it will not be long before it is used in everyday lives,” said Brian Johnson, of RenGen Labs.  “Digits makes crypto so easy without the need to issue a new card.  We believe Digits is a great investment opportunity.”

About Digits:

Digits aim is to make it so that people can make purchases using cryptocurrency funds with the same convenience they are used to with their existing debit and credit cards. The company does not issue a new card to spend cryptocurrency. Rather it makes it so that any existing debit or credit card is compatible with crypto money and fiat money. The transaction does not require vendor interaction, so the card works at any online or in-person vendor that accepts major credit cards.

This exciting technology is suitable for both the consumer as well as the merchant; the consumer continues to purchase with their card the way they always have, and the merchants experience the same settlement times, processes and fees.

For more information on Digits, please visit their website at digits.io or chat with them on telegram at t.me/digitsINC

Participate in Digits token sale here: https://goo.gl/NxRgHe


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