Democracy into Cryptocurrency Trading

With new exchanges popping up left and right, do we honestly need another cryptocurrency exchange? The team at Bitmora says yes. Bitmora is a digital asset trading platform launching on May 12th. But this is no ordinary exchange platform. The heart of Bitmora lies in its community. Since day one, Bitmora has been building a bond with the public keeping one goal in mind, creating a safe, fair, and reliable exchange. Foregoing immediate release, Bitmora has spent the past four months running polls off their site so that the public can be heard, allowing the people to decide which features and coins will be part of their exchange. This is an exchange that cares about the voice of its members. Many suggestions have already been accepted for implementation, and Bitmora plans to keep their voting system live indefinitely after launch, hoping to build upon the unique Democratic System it has brought to this sector. Thanks to their partnership with AlphaPoint, a company specializing in Blockchain and Asset Digitization, Bitmora users will experience trading speeds of over 1 million transactions per second across thirty digital asset pairs. With the backing of AlphaPoint, Bitmora is working with other top exchanges to bring the liquidity necessary for a platform of this size.


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