Dash’s KRIP Remains the Cheapest Cryptocurrency Enabled Smartphone

Samsung, a South Korean tech giant on February 20 launched its Galaxy S10 and Fold smartphones which feature a cryptocurrency wallet. Sirin Labs and HTC in 2018 also launched blockchain-based devices. However, these smartphones are worth almost $1,000 and more expensive than Dash’s KRIP smartphone.

Samsung, HTC, Sirin Labs, and Dash are all companies that have attempted to promote virtual currencies. Each company has developed a smartphone that allows people to store cryptocurrencies safely. The latter is the case of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 which features Knox, a blockchain platform
also touting a private cryptocurrency key storage.

In the same vein, HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer launched its Exodus 1, a blockchain smartphone on October 2018. Exodus 1 features a cryptocurrency wallet that aims to keep the user’s digital asset safe. Siri Labs, a London-based manufacturer in December 2018 also released Finney, a smartphone boasting of a cold store wallet.

Reference: https://www.btcnn.com/cryptocurrency-news/dashs-krip-remains-the-cheapest-cryptocurrency-enabled-smartphone/

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