Dash Text Continues Operation Despite Nationwide Blackout in Venezuela

Since last Thursday, i.e. 7th of March 2019, the country has been witness to a massive nationwide blackout that has plunged even critical infrastructure like hospitals into darkness. The current outage is claimed as the worst in decades and has resulted in a humanitarian crisis including looting, compounding the economic hardships and turmoil affecting the country. The power crisis has crippled the internet service and lack of internet access has
made payment services, including cryptocurrency, ineffective.

Dash Text, however, has been able to provide services despite the blackout, allowing Venezuelans to continue to send and receive money, including in and out of the country. The team has also recorded a video of using the service successfully during the power crisis.

Dash Text is a solution for sending Dash with no internet. Through this platform, a user can send, receive and check the available balance of their wallet by just sending a text message to the right phone number. Presently, once a user downloads Dash Wallet and creates an account, they can receive and send funds to anyone else anywhere in the world instantly. SMS text-based wallets further expand this functionality to the rest of the world with access
to mobile phone networks but no internet.

Reference: https://www.cryptonewsz.com/dash-text-continues-operation-despite-nationwide-blackout-in-venezuela/11333/

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