Dash-Exclusive Cannabis Company Alt Thirty Six Claims B2B Traction, New Cash Management Solution

Dash-powered cannabis payments solution Alt Thirty Six has recorded significant B2B transaction volume through a new cash management solution.

Funded in part by the Dash treasury, Alt Thirty Six is a Dash-exclusive payments solution company specifically targeting the legal cannabis industry, which faces several banking issues, particularly in the United States.

The company has recently rolled out a new cash management solution, allowing cash-heavy dispensaries to schedule a pickup to exchange their cash for Dash, which is then used to pay suppliers via the platform, according to president Lauren Murphy: “Alt Thirty Six recently added a Cash Management Solution that includes vaulting, cash transportation and conversions. Cash to Dash conversion services provide wholesale technology platforms similar to CannTrade a funding mechanism to their online environment, allowing cash-intensive cannabis businesses to enter the banking system and pay digitally for wholesale orders.”

Reference: https://dashnews.org/dash-exclusive-cannabis-company-alt-thirty-six-claims-b2b-traction-new-cash-management-solution/

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