Dash (DASH)’s Recent Increase In Marketcap Bodes Well For 2019

The New Year has seen little gains in the crypto space as the market seeks to rebound from the slump in value encountered towards the end of 2018. Dash (DASH) has shown signs of improvement in recent weeks as its marketcap have seen a rise in value.

The 15th ranked crypto is currently valued at around $590million as at the time of writing. Dash has been moving towards an upward trend in the past 2 weeks with the coin gaining 2.4% in value during this period.

The stability of the coin is one of the major strengths crypto analysts believe can propel the coin to a successful year in 2019. Dash has been putting up strategic partnerships in the past year as it seeks to gain adoption in the mainstream market.

Reference: https://todaysgazette.com/dash-dashs-recent-increase-in-marketcap-bodes-well-for-2019/

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