DASH Cryptocurrency Coin Now Works with Equicex Debit Cards And Exchanges

Through this development, both Equicex and Dash will benefit from increased crypto use. Even though consumers can use Dash at over 4,800 merchants in the world although there is a lot of room for progress to be made. A crypto debit card improves consumer options when making purchasing decisions and seamlessly switching between merchants that directly accept cryptocurrencies and those that do not.

Although, companies who tried to solve this problem have struggled with delivering their products, have long waiting lists, expensive fees/rates, and/or require consumers to sacrifice a lot of private information to meet KYC/AML regulations. This is where Equicex comes in.

Their Black Card does not require any of this sensitive information since their partner bank is located in Belize. Simultaneously, their fees and rate are moderately good when compared to other cryptocurrency debit cards that do not even offer the same privacy features.

Reference: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/dash-cryptocurrency-coin-now-works-with-equicex-debit-cards-and-exchanges/

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