Dash Coin Price Jumped by Just Over 12 Percent After Equicex

There are several non-technical factors that could have caused the recent DASH pump notable among them is the news that London-based Equicex, has added Digital Cash (DASH) to its exchange platform and debit card service. This is coupled with the news of the release of its new blockchain voting software and a responsible trimming of staff of the Dash Core Group (DCG) earlier this month.

Dash Coin Price or simply DASH has risen in the past few days following some positive developments around the project. The recent rise in its price has seen the cryptocurrency flip IOTA to rank 14th in the ranking according to total coin market capitalization.

DASH began the month just above $82 USD but has since surged to a high of $93 recording an increase of more than $14 percent at some point yesterday. Question is, what are those factors responsible for the recent upturn in Dash price?

Reference: https://smartereum.com/48986/dash-news-dash-coin-price-jumped-by-just-over-12-percent-after-equicex/

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